Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well, the bus has just left for Charlie's school trip, and we went up to the school to wave him off.
He and his friends were so excited - waving madly from the bus windows as it pulled away.
I'm so thrilled for him and I really hope the weather stays dry and sunny like it is (a bit warmer wouldn't hurt either...)
Rosie's a bit puzzled, and keeps saying 'Charlie bus', although she's already making the most of playing with all of Charlie's toys now he's not here to stop her!
Sigh. I miss him already.
Be safe sweetie, but more importantly - have an absolutely FABULOUS time! xxxx

PS Roll on Friday afternoon...

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Ann Fisher said...

The kids are not the only ones doing the "leap of faith" are they! I'm sure he'll have a great time, Alice had a ball when she went. xxxx