Sunday, February 16, 2014

A bit of sunshine at last!

The weather has been absolutely atrocious of late - wet, dark and very windy, so when the sun finally came out today, Charlie and Rosie headed to the front step to soak up a few rays!
I think Rosie had actually forgotten that sometimes it doesn't rain, because she kept saying 'Wow - blue sky!'
The two of them grabbed a snack and plonked themselves down on the front step, and this is how I found them - deep in conversation! (I think they were discussing the relative merits of bicycles and scooters!)
Even though there's eight years between them, they really do get on so well and they both love each other to bits. (While periodically driving me round the bend!)

Oh and here's my favourite quote of the day... 'Cleaning your house while your children are home, is like cleaning your teeth while you're eating a Mars Bar...'
How true is that!!
Have a good week, everybody!

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