Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day One...

We decided to have a reasonably relaxed first day, as we were all pretty tired after the long flight.
Nonetheless, we were all up and about pretty early so we headed over to the hotel restaurant for breakfast - the kids enjoyed their waffles and pancakes, and I had French toast, which was delicious. Pete had some sort of breakfast sandwich thing, which also met with his approval! I may have to start doing some Facebook style pictures of our meals, because many are very different from what we have back home, and are part of the whole wonderful experience we're having.
Anyway, we decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours, so the kids could get a taste of all things Disney, but we wanted to be back by mid-afternoon so Rosie could have a decent long nap in her bed in the hotel.
There are loads of buses here at the hotel - the transport to and from the parks is excellent - so we hopped on a bus and away we went.
It was pretty magical walking through the gates and seeing the Disney castle on the horizon.
We've been to EuroDisney before, but somehow the everything feels different here.
We saw a parade almost as soon as we arrived, but I didn't get any pics because I was too busy wrestling with Rosie, who wanted to get ON the float with Minnie Mouse, rather than just wave at her!
Charlie was desperate to have a ride on Thunder Mountain, so we picked up a parent swap ticket, which meant he and Pete could ride, then Pete and I could trade places and I could ride with Charlie, without having to queue for a second time.
Chas had also been telling Rosie about the 'It's a Small World' ride, so that was next on his list, and she really loved it too. It's so lovely to see your kids having so much fun.
We also stumbled across the Hundred Acre Wood ride, and decided we had to have a go, because we all wanted to see Tigger!
I don't know why, but when I was pregnant with Will, for some reason we decided that tigers would have been his favourite, and this gradually morphed into Tigger. In fact, we even had Tigger engraved on his headstone.
So that orange tiger is quite special to our family, and we're looking forward to taking the kids to a meet and greet with him while we're over here.
Anyway, the hours flew by, and it was soon time to head back to the hotel - even if Charlie was professing not to be tired, we certainly were!
Anyway, as we walked into our hotel room, Charlie and Rosie found balloons, cards from Mickey Mouse and a cuddly toy each from the hotel - they had heard that this was a long-promised holiday, to celebrate Charlie doing so well through his surgeries, and they decided to make it even more special for him and Rose.
What a fantastic surprise!

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