Friday, April 18, 2014

Day Two - Hollywood Studios

After a good sleep all round, we were up bright and early, and off to Hollywood Studios.
It was another glorious day, and it felt much less busy than the Magic Kingdom yesterday.
Rosie was desperate to cuddle a character, and we found Donald Duck as soon as we walked through the gate!
We also found Mickey and Minnie Mouse. (Rosie was SO excited to see Minnie - I don't have any pics on my phone, but the Disney photographer took loads. We'll download all those pics when we get home, so I feel a major slide-show coming on!!)
Charlie wanted to sign up for Jedi Training, but by the time we got to the Star Wars section, every slot was already filled for the whole day. However, because Charlie is registered disabled, the parks provide him with a special access card, which acts a bit like a Fastpass, so he gets given a time to return to an attraction, so he doesn't have to queue in the heat for too long.
Anyway, the lady at the Jedi Training place noticed his card and said that although she couldn't squeeze him onto the Jedi Training list, she could go one better - and arrange an exclusive meet and greet with Darth Vader and his storm troopers!! Needless to say, Charlie was thrilled!
She told us to come back at 2.30pm, which we did - expecting to find a queue of other families waiting to see Darth Vader... but it was just us!!
She gave both kids Jedi robes to wear for the pictures and took us to a special stage.
A Padawan (forgive me if I've spelled that wrong, Star Wars terminology is not my strong point...) came to show Charlie how to fight with a light sabre, and then once he'd mastered the moves, who should appear but Darth Vader himself!
He and Charlie had a great battle, with loads of fantastic pictures - again by the Disney photographer, so you'll have to watch out for them later.
Rosie is well-used to Darth Vader, having lived with Charlie all her life, and ran up to him and hugged his legs! I think Darth was a bit baffled to be cuddled by a toddler, being rather more used to making them run away in terror!
After a full day at the park, with loads of rides and shows, we decided to catch the boat over to Epcot, to watch their fireworks.
We grabbed a bite to eat and found a good spot to watch. The display was fantastic, and my picture doesn't do it justice - although if you look hard, you can see Pete holding Rosie (in her light-up Minnie ears) and Charlie standing to his right.
It was a pretty late night, but well worth it.
Another fantastic day.
Off to Universal Studios tomorrow!

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