Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day Three - Universal Studios

We woke up to another stunning Florida morning and headed off to Universal.
We'd been to Disney parks the first couple of days so just jumped on the Disney buses, but a visit to Universal meant we were back in our hire car. (It's a big, blue, 4x4 Chevy, and every time I get in it I have to restrain myself from breaking into a bit of Don McLean 'I drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry...' etc etc. I'm showing my age now!!)
Anyway, we (or should I say, Pete) have just about got the hang of US driving now, although the whole turning right on a red light thing is still a bit scary!
Universal felt different again from the other two parks we've been to - it felt very open, and not so crowded.
The characters were also much more accessible and the queues were much shorter, if there were any at all.
Rosie was in her element - she didn't care at all that she had NO idea who Curious George is. To her, he's just a big monkey that needed cuddling.
As you can see, Charlie got in on the action too and was photobombed by Woody Woodpecker.
He also had a good chat with some of the Men In Black, and was very impressed that they knew where Cardiff was AND that they knew all about Doctor Who. In fact, they told Charlie to tell the Doctor that it's about time he updated his alien files!
Charlie and I had a fantastic time on the MIB ride - some of the simulator rides have been absolutely fantastic.
The Minion Mayhem ride was also a massive success, and Rosie could go on that one too, which pleased her no end. Charlie introduced her to the world of Despicable Me a month or so ago, and (thanks to her big brother) she thinks the bit where a man introduces himself as Simon Ramsbottom, and the Minions look at each other, say 'Bottom!!' and collapse into helpless giggles is the funniest thing in the world.
Both kids wanted to buy a cuddly Minion with some of their spending money, and Rose has duly named hers 'Bottom Hee Hee'.
I kid you not.
All day long we hear: 'Where is Bottom Hee Hee?' 'Time for bed Bottom Hee Hee', 'Bottom Hee Hee want a drink?' etc etc.
She also sometimes calls him Bottom for short.

The perils of a ten-year-old brother.

Anyway, back to Universal Studios...
Rosie had her first ride on a 'proper' rollercoaster - the minimum height was 36", and she cleared it by a couple of inches, so she was very pleased with herself.
We've also discovered she's a bit of a speed freak, as she roared with laughter all the way round, and was jumping up and down saying 'Again, again! One more fun ride!!' over and over again.
The lady manning the turnstile heard us saying that it was her first time on a rollercoaster, and gave her a special badge to celebrate!
We had a blast from the past when we went to see the Barney show. Charlie used to love Barney the Dinosaur when he was little, but Rosie has never seen him before. The show was so sweet and I think Chas rather enjoyed reminiscing as much as we did!
When we made it back to our hotel, we found an envelope in our suite, from the Virgin Rep, with our tickets for Kennedy Space Centre and our departure day breakfast. (We should have picked them up at the airport on Sunday, but totally forgot!!)
As well as the envelope, our rep had also organised some more goodies - a cuddly Goofy for the kids and a beautiful (and massive!) DisneyWorld memory book for us to put all our pictures and souvenirs in.
Everyone really is going out of their way to make this holiday so special for us and the kids.
So, it was another long, hot day but we had a fabulous time. Hard to believe we're only three days in. Feels like we've been here so much longer.

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