Monday, May 05, 2014

Day Fourteen - Breakfast!

I have quite a few photos from our last day, so I'm going to break it down into a few separate posts. Here's number one...

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans...
We were so organised this morning, bags packed, kids ready, hand luggage stashed in the car.
Pete had asked for one of the porters to come up with a trolley at about 7.10am to give us plenty of time to pay the bill and be out the front with our luggage, ready for the driver by 7.30am.
Unfortunately it got to about 7.25 and the porter still hadn't arrived. We didn't know how long the driver would wait (and we still needed to pay the bill...) so we grabbed all four (massive!) holdalls and the buggy and staggered to the lift.
Fortunately as our lift opened, the porter came out of the other one, so we dumped all the luggage on the trolley and made a run for reception!
Pete went to pay and Charlie, Rosie and I ran to the main entrance, where we were much relieved to find our driver waiting!
He was very friendly, and we were the only people he was collecting, so there had been no need to panic after all!
He loaded all our bags into the trailer and off we went to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.
It's a really posh resort, and the monorail goes right through the middle of it, which was fun to watch while we were having breakfast.
The food was amazing, with so much choice - the children really enjoyed their waffles and pancakes again, and Charlie tucked into mountains of fruit salad.
After a little while the characters started coming round the tables to meet the diners.
The kids really enjoyed meeting up with Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Pluto again, and Rosie was in her element, hugging them as much as she could.
After breakfast was finished, we had a wander around the shops in the hotel, and then met our driver at the front of the hotel.
He took us to the Disney Downtown Virgin check-in, and we bade farewell to our bags (hoping fervently that we'd be reunited with them when we made it back to London!!)
We were going to go back to the hotel to catch a Disney bus out to Hollywood Studios, but the driver offered to drop us off there instead, which meant we had a bit more time to enjoy our final dose of Disney...

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