Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Day Fourteen - Hollywood Studios

So, after we left our driver, we headed into Hollywood Studios for a final wander round.
We were pleased to bump into Daisy Duck, because we hadn't seen her yet - and as you can see, Rosie was cramming in as many cuddles as she could!
We didn't have a plan for the day really, we just wanted a leisurely wander round.
Charlie was keen to go on the Great Film Ride again. (At least I think that's what it was called - it took us on a journey through all the classic films. Chas was particularly pleased that yet had a scene from the Wizard of Oz because he's been doing 'The Wiz' at his theatre group and has really enjoyed it!)
We grabbed a time for the Toy Story ride, and while we were waiting, we bumped into one of the green toy soldiers from the film. Rosie was rather taken with him, and I think the feeling was mutual!
Both kids wanted to see the Muppet 3D show again, and as we walked over, Charlie decided to put his musical theatre skills to good use and do a bit of 'Singing in the Rain'!!
The Muppet Show was fabulous, and it's so much better now Rosie has got the hang of keeping her glasses on, so she can enjoy the effects properly. It makes me smile to see her little hands reaching out for all the things flying towards her!
We grabbed some lunch and Facetimed Nanny - the wifi coverage at all the parks has been fantastic, so she's been able to see many of the things we were seeing while we were here!
Rosie snuggled down for a snooze and Charlie and I headed for Star Tours, for one final ride. He's a big Star Wars fan, so it seemed appropriate that it was the final ride of our holiday.
Somewhat sadly we walked slowly to the exit, and caught a bus back to our hotel for the last time...

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