Friday, May 09, 2014

Day Fourteen - Homeward Bound

We made it back to the hotel, but before we headed back to the airport, Charlie decided he wanted to take some pictures around the hotel, which we'd omitted to do so far.
Then it was time to say farewell to the hotel, and make our way back to Orlando airport.
The journey back was somewhat less nerve wracking than the journey to the hotel, because driving on the 'wrong' side was starting to feel pretty normal!
We made it to the airport and dropped our hire car off, before heading though security. (We were so glad we checked our bags in this morning, because we only had to carry our hand luggage and Rosie's buggy (...and the two rather large Disney pillows, which seemed to get bigger and more awkward by the minute!!)
Because of Charlie's pacemaker, he can't go through the electronic scanners. Previously, he's just been manually patted down by the security staff, but apparently they don't pat down anyone under 12, so Charlie and I were taken to one side, and had our hands swabbed. The swabs were run through a machine to detect any residue of explosives, and fortunately nothing showed up, and we were on our way!
Our flight was showing with a 30-minute delay, but because we'd checked out bags in before, we didn't have to be at the airport really early, so we didn't have too much time to kill.
Not knowing what the aeroplane food would be like, nor what time it would be served, we grabbed some tea for the kids while we waited to be called for boarding.
As before, because Charlie's oxygen requirement means he counts as 'special assistance' we were one of the first to board the plane, so we had plenty of time to get the kids settled in their seats, and find Peppa Pig (again) on the entertainment system for Rosie.
Once we'd all eaten our meals (and it was a good job we fed the kids before we got on the plane because the kids' meals weren't particularly inspiring...) the cabin crew dimmed the lights.
Everyone settled down for the night... apart from the two kids in the seats in front and behind Charlie, who had their lights on ALL night, which basically left him in a spotlight. Combined with his oxygen tubing, which was annoying him, and an unhappy toddler over the way who screamed periodically, I don't think Charlie slept for more than an hour all night - which meant that Pete and I didn't sleep either.
Rosie, however, continued to be a total star - she put on her eyemask, lay down on her Minnie pillow, snuggled under her favourite cosy blanket and slept for the entire flight!
We touched down about 8am UK time (about 3am US time!!) so we felt pretty groggy.
Pete stocked up on strong coffee and both kids snuggled down on their Disney pillows and slept hard all the way home.
We finally walked through our front door at about 1.30pm!
Five loads of washing later, everything was unpacked and put away, and it was early nights all round!

It's hard to believe it's all over really - we've been counting down to this holiday for so long, and now it's finished.
I'm not usually a big fan of holidays - I get halfway through and start wanting to come home again, but we had such an amazing time in Florida. It really was a once in a lifetime trip (until next time, according to Charlie!!) and we loved it and didn't want to come home.
Now it's a case of finding room for all the new teddies, and sorting through all the photos. (Watch this space for a slideshow of some of the pics from the Disney photographers...)

A fantastic holiday, fabulous friends and some truly wonderful memories.

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