Friday, June 06, 2014

A busy day!

Charlie and I have been down to London this afternoon, as he had an audition to be in a new advert for the British Heart Foundation.
His headteacher gave him permission to have the afternoon off school, so he and I jumped on a train at 1pm, arrived at Paddington at just after 3pm, then raced across London to be at the studio for 4pm.
Charlie felt the audition went pretty well, although it's hard to judge, particularly not knowing who else he is up against.
They said they'll let him know in the next week or so.
Anyway, after he'd finished, we had enough time for a quick wander around Hamley's toy shop on Regent Street.
We wandered back to Oxford Circus tube station to make our way back to Paddington. As we were trying to figure out which direction we needed to go on the Bakerloo Line, a transport policeman standing next to us, put his hat on Charlie's head, which pleased him no end! He said that Charlie was the smartest person he'd seen in the station all day! (He was in his school uniform with his tie.) He was asking whether Chas had just finished school and Charlie was telling him about his audition. The policeman studied his face and said he'd look out for him when the ad's released in the autumn! He was a really nice chap, and he made Charlie's day. (And mine too, because he knew which direction we needed to go to get back to Paddington!)
So, we grabbed a bite to eat at Paddington and jumped on the train (not before a mad dash to get a seat in the unreserved carriage - Pete had warned me that there was a rush for seats, but I've never seen anything like it - old ladies and kids were sent flying with their luggage as people went charging up the platform! Having said that, I'm glad that we did run because the train was totally full and there were LOTS of people standing or sitting on the floor in the aisles all the way home. Not my idea of fun on a two-hour journey!)
Anyway, we made it home safely and Charlie's now safely tucked up in bed. The people at the film company said he'll find out if he's got a part in a week or two, so we shall wait and see!
Watch this space....

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