Friday, August 08, 2014

A quiet house...

Well, we just got back from dropping Charlie up in Brecon at the Little Hearts Matter PGL weekend.
He was chuffed to bits to meet up with his heart friends, especially Danny and Noah, and is really looking forward to all the fun activities that are planned.
(As an aside, I wish I'd gone on some of these sort of trips when I was a kid - I could quite fancy a bash at archery and rifle shooting. Although I'm not so keen on the abseiling and canoeing side of things!!)
We go to pick him up on Sunday evening, so Rosie has two whole days as an only child! She doesn't seem overly thrilled at the prospect as yet - her lip started trembling as we walked back to the car, and she kept saying 'I want Charlie back'. She keeps getting all teary when she remembers he's not here and asking us to bring him home again. Bless her - they might bicker, and he might tease her at times, but she loves him lots.
So Pete is just reading her bedtime story, and then we have an evening to ourselves. Not quite sure what I'll do without Charlie chattering away about Top Gear and Minecraft.
I'm sure Chas will have a ball, and I can't wait to hear about everything he gets up to... but I don't half miss him already!
Am attaching a pic of the two of them in their PJs the other day.

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