Monday, August 11, 2014

Home safe!

Well, we went to fetch Charlie yesterday evening and he had a fabulous time!
He threw himself into everything with his usual gusto (including the canal where they were canoeing, apparently...) and has a new-found liking for rifle shooting and archery.
He had loads of fun with his old friends, and made lots of new ones too. It really is brilliant for him to have friends with the same type of special heart as him, to share experiences as they get older. (Although I'm not sure how much profound heart-related talk there was - I think most of it was about Minecraft and Lego...)
With 12 boys in one dormitory, sleep was in somewhat short supply, so he was pretty tired but still chattering nineteen to the dozen.
Rosie is SO pleased to have her big brother back again, especially because he bought her a teddy bear as a present.
He did manage to leave behind a pair of shorts and his new torch, but I phoned the centre this morning, and a nice man found them and is going to post them back to us! Frankly though, I'm amazed that's all Charlie forgot - I sometimes think he'd forget his head if it wasn't screwed on!
I thought we'd have a quiet restful day at home today, but he and Rosie had other plans, so I'm writing this while they're leaping around in the Wacky Warehouse.
What did our parents do before the advent of softplay centres?!
That's all for now folks – hope you're all having a lovely summer holiday.

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Anonymous said...

So glad he had a good time Ali. Laura has told me of all their escapades today (she needed yesterday off to recover). We are doing it all again next weekend! I might even have a go at the abseiling! With best wishes from Suzie