Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Bonfire Birthday Boy and Sparkler Girl!

Charlie's had such a lovely day today, although I'm still finding it hard to believe that he is 11 now - it sounds so much more grown up than ten!
He had an amazing stack of cards and presents this morning and was thoroughly spoilt. He's also had birthday greetings from all over the world via my Facebook account, which has pleased him no end.
He had a great day at school, and enjoyed handing out birthday cupcakes to all his friends.
He came home to dive into his new X-Men Lego set from Nanny, and then we headed out into the firework-filled night for a birthday tea at Nando's.
Afterwards, we headed home for some sparklers, as has always been Charlie's birthday tradition. As you can see, Rosie was rather taken with sparklers too - this is the first year she's been big enough to wave one round without one of us holding her wrist, so she thought she was very clever!
Charlie has a busy few days ahead - rehearsals for his musical theatre Christmas show are in full swing (he's even got a solo this time round, which he's very proud about!) and then on Saturday it's his party.
He's got five pals coming to the house for four hours of pizza, DVDs, fireworks (yes, more), Wii Party and a selection of very silly party games. Then his best friend is staying for a sleepover afterwards.
I'm feeling exhausted at the prospect already, but it should be good fun! (Although we've just had the entire downstairs of the house painted, so I'm going to be screeching at the kids to 'Mind my paintwork!!' the whole time!)
So tomorrow I'm off to buy enough food to fill six 10-11 year olds plus Rosie, and then I have to create a Minecraft Creeper birthday cake - bring on the green icing, and watch this space!

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