Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I know, I know - I haven't posted here since Charlie's birthday.
Life has been so busy, and I have failed dismally (yet again) in the blogging department.
But we haven't disappeared off the planet - since I last posted, Charlie had his birthday party, Pete turned 40, we had a weekend at Center Parcs, Charlie has performed in numerous Christmas concerts, Rosie has thrown herself into Christmas in a BIG way, Charlie had cardiology/pacing clinic (all is fabulous - proper write-up coming soon, I promise), and we have had some wonderful times with wonderful friends.
I have pictures and videos on my phone that I need to upload, so brace yourselves once Christmas is out of the way! I need to bring the blog right up to date because it serves as my diary of all the things we get up to, and there are some pretty big holes in it this year...

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve. Both kids are in bed - one is asleep, the other isn't! We had a lovely day - we headed up to the churchyard this morning to take some Christmas flowers for Will, then we headed over to Cheltenham to take a trip on a steam train to see Father Christmas. Rosie told him, as she has told all the other men in red suits that she's encountered this season, that she'd like 'an iron and a guitar, please'. She LOVES Father Christmas, and hasn't been the slightest bit scared or shy of him.
Father Christmas asked her this morning if she would leave him a mince pie and a glass of milk - she told him she'd leave him a pie, but would leave him water instead of milk '...because it's good for you!' Honestly, she is such a pickle - some of the things she comes out with...
After a visit with Father Christmas, we headed over to Gloucester Cathedral for the carol service. It's such a gorgeous cathedral, and the choir is fabulous. We all really enjoyed it, and Rose was very pleased that we got to sing Away in a Manger - one of her absolute favourites, alongside Jingle Bells!
It made Charlie's day when one of the big interior floodlights blew up during the final prayer - there was an enormous bang, and he nudged me a minute later and pointed up into one of the arches way up in the roof.
"Either they've invested in a smoke machine this year," he whispered, "or something's on fire..."
I think one of the massive bulbs had overheated and exploded - there was a bit of flame initially, but then just a plume of smoke.
It was so high up, surrounded by stone and isolated from everything else because it was in an enclosed arch, so nobody was in any danger, but it was an exciting end to a lovely service. The smoke was dissipating a bit as we left, but they're going to need a VERY long ladder to fix it!
We headed home via Mum's house, so Charlie and Rosie could deliver their presents to Nanny in time for Christmas Day.
She's at my brother's house for Christmas dinner this year, then we're all off to her house on Boxing Day for her annual festive shindig.
Everything is organised here, at last - we are ready for Father Christmas to visit (or rather we will be, once Charlie goes to sleep!) The pile of presents is filling most of our lounge already, and there are still a few more to add... The kids are going to have lots of fun in the morning!
So enjoy what's left of Christmas Eve, folks. Hope those of you with little people in your house aren't woken up TOO early in the morning, and that tomorrow is a wonderful day for all of you.
From our house to yours - we hope you have a truly Happy Christmas.

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