Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phantom of the Opera...

Charlie had to dress up for school today - the theme was 'masked ball', and of course he decided straight away that he was going as his favourite man in a mask - the Phantom of the Opera!!
He was so pleased with how his costume turned out - and I was really chuffed because we cobbled it together mostly from bits and pieces we already had - the black trousers and shirt were from his Christmas concert, the waistcoat was a hand-me-down from his cousin Harri, the fob watch is a Dr Who toy, the cape is off his Darth Vader costume and he's had the mask since he was about seven, when he bought it at Hobbycraft because it was just like the Phantom's!

Oh, and the tie was my dad's.

After Dad died, Charlie chose a load of his ties that he liked, to keep for when he was a big boy. Dad was always a 'tie man' - he'd have worn one on the beach if we'd let him.
So Charlie was pleased to wear one of his Grandpa's many ties today, and it made me happy to knot it round Charlie's neck this morning, knowing that Dad would have smiled to see it.

So the only thing we had to buy was the hat, which cost me all of £4 on eBay!

And I think Chas looked phantom-tastic!!

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