Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where did my baby go?

I'm in the middle of filling in a form for Charlie, which needs a proper passport photo attached, with a 'non-smiling, neutral expression' and which has to be taken within the last month.
The passport photos I have lying around the house are at least a year old, so I took him to a photo booth today, and this was the result.
It totally freaked me out because he looks so grown up!
My little boy is disappearing more and more as the days go by. He may still only be 11, but I can feel the approaching teenage years weighing on me every day.
Those precious years of babyhood, toddlerhood and early childhood have long gone.
He's forming his own opinions, his own likes and dislikes - and they don't necessarily match mine any more - which is no bad thing!
He's into his last couple of terms of primary school before he heads off to high school, and everything changes again.
It's a real bittersweet 'gulp' moment for me.
Watching my son becoming his own person is totally mindblowing - something I never even dared dream might happen when he was born.
Every single day I count my blessings that he's here, doing so well, growing taller and stronger by the day, and making us so very proud. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

...But I'd be lying if I said that every now and then there isn't a little part of me that would quite like to make a flying visit back to those days when he still called me 'Mummy' not 'Mum'! :-)

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