Thursday, March 05, 2015

A quiet afternoon

Well, Charlie went off early this morning on his school trip to the air museum. He was really looking forward to it, so I hope he's having a good day.
He's got a busy day altogether - he gets back from his trip around 4.30, at which point we have to dash off to the theatre for his Musical Theatre class, which is then followed by more rehearsals. So it'll be a late night after a long day for Charlie-Boy.
Rosie is at playschool - it's National Book Day today, so she had to take her favourite book with her. She's very keen on her Charlie and Lola books at the moment, but in the end she opted for Monkey Puzzle - about a little monkey who's lost his mum. It was originally one of Charlie's when he was little, and it's one of her most-requested bedtime stories. She's starting to get the hang of word recognition and proudly points out the word 'Mum' whenever she sees it (along with all the letters that appear in her name!)
Anyway - I'm off for another cup of coffee and a few more chapters of my book before I have to go and fetch Rosie again...

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