Friday, March 06, 2015

What a fab start to a Friday!

I signed up to the Boots Review Panel last year - my friend Kelly had signed up before, and said it was really worth doing. (For non-UK readers, Boots is one of the biggest pharmacy chain over here, selling pretty much everything - makeup, perfume, medicine, electricals, kids clothes, toys, camera stuff, gifts etc.)
I had to fill in a profile with all my details, including skin/hair type, makeup preferences, any health conditions, how old my kids are etc etc.
And then they then send me freebies appropriate for me and my family, for us to test and review on their website so other people can find out a bit more about the products before buying them.
So far I've had a few bits and pieces - a mascara, a lipstick, some sensitive skin baby wash and moisturiser for Rosie, and some hair serum stuff.
All nice little treats that I wouldn't normally have bought for myself.
But I was really chuffed last week to receive an email telling me I was going to be receiving a stack of posh Olay goodies (£71-worth, no less!! And anyone who knows me will know that spending that much money on beauty stuff is SO not my style!!)
Previously, the products they've sent me have just arrived in a padded envelope, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive this gorgeous box of stuff in the post this morning!
Am looking forward to trying it all out over the next few weeks (don't worry, I won't bore you with all my reviews!) - it really brightened my day though. It's always lovely to get something for nothing! So if you see me with a glowing, dewy complexion (or possibly really bad spots instead, who knows...?!) you'll know why!

All is well here - it's been a really busy week. Pete's been away four days - two in Bristol, one in Birmingham and today in Reading. We're all spoilt by having him working from home most of the time, so we really miss him when he's not here.
Charlie enjoyed his trip to the air museum yesterday, and had a good time at rehearsals last night as well. Fortunately it was a reasonably early finish so it wasn't TOO late a night for him, although I did have to send Rosie into his room to force him out of bed this morning!
Rosie's at playschool again today. It's sunny and not too cold, so she was looking forward to getting out in the playschool garden, and was hoping they might even have the bikes and scooters out to play with.
My uni friend, Ruth, is coming to visit tomorrow, and the kids are both very excited to see Aunty Ruth again. She's always happy to play games and read stories, and she (seriously) makes the best chocolate brownies on the planet.
Anyway, I'd better fly - I feel another cup of coffee calling me before I have to go and fetch the kids! :-)

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