Saturday, March 07, 2015

You know I said my friend makes fantastic brownies?

Well, today Ruth didn't bring brownies... she brought me this instead! (And it's in a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater tin too!)
It's such a shame you can't smell it because I've NEVER smelled anything so chocolatey (and that includes Cadbury World...) - I think each sniff equals at least 500 calories! You can't see properly in the photo but it's got sparkly glitter all over the top too!
We haven't eaten any yet, but I honestly don't think it's going to make it all the way to my birthday! (Yes, ok, I admit it - I'm going to be 40 soon, but not for more than a week, so I'm still firmly in my thirties as far as I'm concerned...)
We had a really lovely day - the kids had a great time playing with Aunty Ruth, and Rosie was like her little shadow all day long.
It was brilliant to catch up again - it always is.
It's crazy to think Ruth and I have been friends for more than two decades - here's to the next 20 years! (After all, friends who bring cake are worth hanging onto!!)

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