Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Slow down!!

Ok, so I posted the other day with Charlie's new passport photo, saying how grown up he's getting all of a sudden.
Well, today has really hammered that home.
We were at a softplay place today inside a big kids' shop - I said Rosie could have a quick play while Chas and I sat in the coffee shop. (He's too tall/old for softplay these days - not to mention that ball pits have lost their appeal for him a bit nowadays...)
There's a kids' shoe shop next to the café, so I thought we'd get his feet properly measured while we were waiting for Rosie.
And he's a size 6. He still has stupidly narrow feet - just like my dad - but his feet are now a whole size bigger than mine.
I'm not sure why that feels like such a big deal, but it does.
Just like the way he's grown out of the boys' t-shirts in Gap, and has to have XS or S men's ones now. Gulp.
And to top the lot, I had to call the hospital with his INR result earlier, and the cardiac liaison nurse was telling me that once he hits 13 he'll have a new CLN - who specialises in helping with the transition to adult cardiac services.
He'll be taught to do his INR testing himself, will be responsible for texting his results to the hospital and managing his dosage, plus the doctors will talk to him, not to me when he has consultations. They'll also start advising him on managing his condition alongside all the other stuff that comes with growing up.

Since we found out about Charlie's heart when I wasn't even half way through my pregnancy, we have hoped and prayed that he would do well.
And my goodness, he has.
He's done better than we ever hoped he might.

And when he was little, it was almost like we were always wishing him on to the next milestone - teething, talking, walking, reading, going to school - all the things that we wanted to tick off the huge list of things that we'd been frightened he might never get to do.

But all of a sudden, time seems to be galloping by. He is growing into a young man, and an amazing one at that.

He's loving secondary school, loving all the stuff he does at the theatre, planning for his first trip abroad without us, clearing out lots of his old toys and books...

I saw this pic on Facebook the other day, and it sums it up pretty well!

Charlie would laugh and roll his eyes at me if he saw what I've just written, but sometimes I really do wish there was a pause button on life!!


Jo said...

He's done so well Ali, I still haven't met Rosie but they are amazing kids the pair of them. It scares me how fast time is going and how quickly my two are growing up too. Time does indeed to slow down... just a little!

Unknown said...

He is a charming and caring young man now, just as he was a charming and caring child when we met in reception. Some things don't change xx