Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fun with the Bunny!

Happy Easter everyone! So on Friday, Rosie and I headed for the garden centre for a date with the Easter Bunny.
She had such a lovely afternoon, while Pete and Charlie sat on the other side of the restaurant, ate crisps and played on their phones!
She had an Easter activity sheet to fill in, a yummy tea, an egg hunt with 'Alice in Wonderland' (that resulted in a bag full of sweeties), a big hug with the Bunny himself, an egg cookie with lots of icing and sprinkles for decorating, AND a bag of chocolate eggs, a cuddly bunny and a cuddly duck.
It really was a lovely afternoon.
Nanny has been here since yesterday because she went to have an eye operation at a hospital near us, so she's been staying here until her vision clears again. Needless to say, the kids have loved having her here, and Rosie was all lined up for a game of pirates when Nanny came home with an eye patch on!
We've had a lazy Easter Sunday - lots of eye drops to remember, lots of chocolate to be eaten, and a rather spectacular roast lamb dinner, courtesy of Pete.
We've nothing much planned tomorrow, but are looking forward to catching up with Charlie's heart friend Thomas and co later in the week. (We were supposed to catch up in February half term, but Rosie was ill that day!)
We're hoping to maybe get away for a couple of days the week after next, as Pete has a few days off work. However, Charlie is very keen to get his new, grown-up bedroom painted white, so we'll have to see.
Watch this space!

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