Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another weekend gone!

Well, even though it's the summer holiday, the weekends are still flying by. Pete's got nine more working days (and counting!) until he's got just over two weeks off, and we can't wait!
Lots of stuff planned, a few trips away and much fun to be had with the majority of the holiday still stretching in front of us.
Charlie's been busy the past few days - the church in the village runs a holiday club for a week in the holidays. A couple of hours every morning, and Charlie has gone every year since he was four. But once you hit senior school, you age out, as it's only for kids up to 11.
However, Chas was really pleased to be asked to be one of the 'grown-up' helpers this year, so he's been there for hours this past few days, putting together display boards, getting craft supplies ready, practising sketches and the like. It was almost 10pm before he got home tonight and he is loving it. (The fact they all ordered pizza for tea while they were working might have had something to do with it too!)
And of course - because Rosie's starting school in September, it's the first year she's allowed to go to holiday club too! She's very excited at the prospect as well! The theme this year is 'Jungle Jamboree' and (because we've got insider info from Charlie!!) she knows she's going to be in the Cheeky Chimps team.
Charlie's helping with the older children, so he won't be in her group, but he'll be there if she needs him, and she'll see him when all the kids are together.
She's really looking forward to all the fun and games, and, of course, winning lots of points to 'cash in' for prizes at the end!
So, like I say, a busy week ahead - Charlie has to be there an hour before it starts, and for a while after it finishes to help prepare and clear up, but fortunately our neighbour will be there too and will give him a lift sometimes, otherwise it'd be eight trips back and forth for me every day! (But it'd be worth it anyway for the two hours peace to get the house tidy!!)
We saw the new Finding Dory film this weekend, and we all really enjoyed it. There aren't many films that both the kids (and parents!) can really enjoy, so it's great when we can have a cinema trip for everyone to enjoy (rather than sleep through, as I did with the Angry Birds Movie!) Pete is such a star though - he never wears a jacket at all unless it's FREEZING, but he always wears a hoodie to the cinema because he knows I get cold in the air-con, so I can borrow it to snuggle under!
He might be a bit rubbish when it comes to DIY, but I wouldn't swap him. He lets me have a lie-in and brings me coffee in bed at weekends, always gives me the cherry off the top of his Belgian bun, drops me and Rosie off on school days so I don't have to battle with parallel parking AND keeps me cosy at the cinema. :-) After almost twenty years together, he knows what makes me tick!
Anyway, it's late, so I'd better hit the hay - our leisurely holiday mornings are on hold for the next week while Charlie's off early to holiday club!

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