Saturday, August 06, 2016

Busy week

Well, as I said in the heading, it's been a pretty busy week.
It was holiday club at the local church and I think I have made the journey there and back no less than 16 times - maybe more!
I had to drop Charlie off early and pick him up late every day because he was a helper this year. Plus it was Rosie's first year to go, so she needed dropping off and picking up too.
Holiday Club was a total success as far as Rose was concerned. She loved all the craft, games, songs and stories. She was also pretty chuffed with the many opportunities to earn points, which she can cash in for prizes tomorrow morning at the 'Holiday Club Extravaganza'!
The theme was 'Jungle Jamboree' and the kids had to dress up as a jungle animal on Thursday. We were pretty chuffed with the tiger costume we concocted - we already had the tiger mask, the orange tshirt is Charlie's, and the neon orange leggings were a left over and never-worn part of a three-pack of leggings! Some orange tissue paper rolled up to make a tail and vast amounts of black duct tape for stripes and we had a pretty decent tiger. The people at holiday club obviously agreed, because she won first prize!
Chas loved being one of the 'big ones' this week and helping out with the running of the club. I think it was a bit of a shock for him to realise just how much work goes into something like this though - he was ready for an early night by the end of the week!
I treated the pair of them to McDonald's for lunch on Friday, and they both enjoyed playing on the iPads there while they were waiting for their food. Times have really changed since I was a kid - it was fish and chips out of paper when I was little, not iPads!
We have a fairly busy week ahead as well - Mum is coming over on Monday night so I can take her to hospital on Tuesday morning to get the plaster taken off her broken wrist. It's still pretty painful though, so I think it'll be a while before she's able to use it properly. (And to top it off, it's also her birthday that day too!)
Then next Friday, Charlie's off to an outward bound weekend in Dorset run by Little Hearts Matter. They have a cardiologist on site, so the kids are able to join in with all the activities without any worries. He's looking forward to catching up with his heart friends Danny and Noah too. Both of them have the same condition as Charlie and we've known both of their families pretty much since the beginning.
So Rosie will have a weekend pretending to be an only child!

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