Saturday, September 01, 2012


Well, here we are into September - which I suppose makes it officially autumn. Not that July and August were particularly summery though...
Rosie is still full of cold and a bit grumpy with it. I think her molars are starting to push through too because she's chewing all her teethers right in the back of her mouth.
She's still sleeping well - she's in bed as I write - and is eating ok too, but she's just not quite her usual cheery self.
Charlie is still at Nanny's - we're going to pick him up once Rosie wakes up.
I've really missed him, but he's had such a lovely time with Mum - and from what she says, it sounds like he's behaved himself!
He's been emailing me now and then from his iPod - such lovely little messages! It feels so grown up to be getting emails from my boy - I'm getting little flashes of what it'll be like when he leaves home! (Which hopefully won't be for a LOOOONG time!)
He's got another hour's swimming lesson later today, and Pete has taken the next few days off work before Chas goes back to school on Wednesday, so we're going to find some fun things to do before the end of the hols.
It's Will's birthday next weekend - I can hardly believe it will be ten years since I held him.
It never goes away, you know. That hole inside that is left when you lose a child.
Life has to go on, whether you want it to or not, and other stuff comes along to surround that gaping hole, which pushes you away from the edge and stops you from falling into it so often. But it's always there, just as big and empty as it was at the moment they left your arms.

Anyway, I'd better get Charlie's swimming stuff ready before Rose wakes up - he won't be very happy if we get to the pool and he hasn't got any swimming trunks!

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