Friday, September 22, 2006

September 22, 2006

What a star Charlie is! His first day at playschool was a total triumph! He went running in, barely even said goodbye, and came out a couple of hours later covered in green paint, carrying an armful of 'artwork', and chattering 19 to the dozen about everything he'd done - painting, playing with the cars, having a drink - but no biscuit, much to his disgust! - and playing the Teletubbies theme tune with the musical instruments. Apparently he played the 'oomaccas' which we've since established to be maracas!
His teacher was very pleased with him, and said you'd never have believed it was his first day! We were even more pleased when she said that you wouldn't have known he had a heart condition. They are very clued up and know when they need to be worried, but seem quite happy to allow him to fulfil his potential without wrapping him up in cotton wool - we feel very fortunate to have such a good team there, as many of Charlie's heart friends have had a more difficult time. We popped to the shops while he was there, and on the way back we saw him in the playschool's garden running about and playing with all the other children which really made us smile.
It wasn't as traumatic leaving him as I thought it would be - we were just so excited for him. And when he was shown to his very own peg - complete with his name and a picture of a lion - talk about proud! He's taught us so much - particularly to make the most of every minute and to really appreciate all the small things - even if everyone else thinks you're mad!
We're off down to Dorset on Monday with a few other children from Little Hearts Matter, for a photo shoot with celebrity chef Lesley Waters. The pictures are to publicise next year's cookie bake, so I imagine it'll be another opportunity for Charlie to eat lots of biscuits and get covered in flour and icing!
I've attached a picture of Charlie just as we set off for playschool - hair combed, shoes shined - dandelion in hand!!

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