Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4, 2007

I can hardly believe it's February already - this year is flying by. One good thing about that is that spring will soon be here and the season of snotty noses will be gone for another year! Apart from the aforementioned snotty nose, Charlie is on very good form at the moment. He's becoming something of a party animal, with five parties over the next four weekends! The perils of popularity eh!
No sooner were we told that Charlie can fly safely, than we were off to the travel agent to book a week's holiday in Portugal this summer - Chas is very excited about going to the seaside on an aeroplane - and so are we, if the truth be told! It'll be lovely to get away somewhere nice and warm (between 22 and 25 degrees apparently) where Charlie can potter about and have a paddle without us having to worry about stopping him getting cold.
Here's a pic of Charlie in the kitchen - forget Jamie Oliver's healthy eating campaign - chocolate brownies here we come!

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