Monday, October 06, 2008

October 6, 2008

Hi everyone. No real news at the moment, I just wanted to post this picture of Charlie and his friend Sam (or should I say Batman and Robin) having fun in the autumn sun the other day. Sam lives just around the corner, and he and Charlie get on like a house on fire.
Charlie's doing really well at the moment - physically he's on good form, although he's got a snotty nose... but then again, it is October! He's full of beans and seems to be revelling in the whole school experience.
We've got such a busy time coming up - we have something on virtually every weekend until Christmas! It's Book Day on Thursday, so Charlie has to go in dressed as his favourite book character... and we've cracked it! Being, as I am, so utterly useless at creating fancy dress costumes, Charlie and I have come up with a great idea! He's going in his normal (non-uniform) clothes, with an enormous bar of chocolate in one hand (which I've made a funky new label for) and a big shiny golden ticket in the other and... yes, you've guessed it - he's Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
How simple is that! He's tickled pink at the plan, and thinks it's very cool that he's called Charlie, and so is his book person! (I think he's probably also looking forward to sharing out the chocolate... I don't think I'll be very popular with his teacher!)
He has to take a copy of the book with him too. Admittedly, he hasn't actually read the book himself, but he's listened to the audio book, and has seen the original film numerous times!
It's also the harvest festival on Friday - we have to send produce in, and then go in and buy it back afterwards! Hmmm - I'm sure I still have that can of butterbeans in the back of the cupboard that Charlie won on the tombola at the Teddy Bear's Picnic in the summer.
Well, we're off to Stafford this weekend for the Little Hearts Matter annual sponsored run. Needless to say, I'm not doing any running, but it should still be fun to catch up with everybody again.
Plans are most definitely afoot for Charlie's birthday party - I've been ordering my gold icing colouring for the dalek cake this morning, and the guest list is still sitting stubbornly at almost 40! (Well, maybe some of the children will be on holiday.... or something.)
Anyway, it'll all be worth it in the end - turning five is a big deal in this house... particularly when you were only given a 50-60% chance of getting there in the first place! Way to go, Charlie!!
Fingers crossed the weather stays dry/warm this weekend, or there will be lots of very damp and miserable kids at the run! All being well should have some pics of Charlie and his heart friends to show you afterwards.
PS Have you seen the little visitor map in the sidebar? I can't believe how many visitors we've had, from so many different places. We're aiming for some visitors from Africa now!


Jennifer said...

working on that Africa thing for ya. I know someone in South Africa.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that Alice came by to visit. :) I've been reading your blog since I was linked to it through Patience Leino's blog on Isaac. So I've been silently reading for a while now.