Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

Hi everybody, sorry things have been a bit slow on the blog front, but there hasn't really been much going on! As I mentioned on Twitter, Chas is doing SO well with school lunches thus far - we're really proud of him.
School is pretty quiet too - in the post-Christmas January slump kind of way! Charlie's still really enjoying it though, and is doing brilliantly with his reading and writing - he's rocketing through the reading scheme (it's so nice for him to have books with a proper plot to read, rather than the 'Where is the dog? There is the dog' kind of thing that he started off with!) It's also amazing that the teachers are already teaching him joined-up writing on certain letter groups - it was quite a strange experience to see Charlie doing proper cursive writing when he was doing his homework! That's about it really - we had a quiet weekend, just pottering around the house and playing games with Chas.
Pete left at 4.30am again this morning to be in Halifax in time for work - all credit to him, I say - I am NOT a morning person, and the idea of being up and out that early would kill me! He should be back late tomorrow, all being well.
The only other bit of news is that Charlie's blue 'disabled' badge was renewed without question, so we can still park in the school car park, which makes his life so much easier. (It was about time he had a new one really - he was only about 18months old on the picture on the last one, and people were starting to do a double take!)
Back soon with another update - I'll try to find some more interesting news, and a few new pics!

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