Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

Well, Charlie's fast asleep in bed, and Pete's still on his way back from Halifax so I thought I'd write a quick update - not that there's much to tell you!
Charlie was very miffed again today because Pete had snow, but we just had rain and a bit of hail. I really hope we get a bit of snow soon because Charlie's itching to go out on his sledge - plus, I don't think his snowsuit will fit him for that much longer, and I want him to get some wear out of it!
He's had another good day at school today, and lunch was a success again - even though the school ovens were broken so cooked lunch was off the menu! All the kids were able to choose what sandwiches they wanted and Chas chose tuna mayonnaise, which he's never eaten before! Up to now he's only eaten ham sandwiches - or at a push, cheese - so tuna mayo is a big thing in this household! He really liked the tuna, and ate all four sandwiches he was given (albeit pretty slowly!) I'm just celebrating thinking of all the lovely calories for him in full-fat mayo (which will be at the top of my shopping list next time I go to the supermarket)
Not wishing to tempt fate, but we really do seem to be turning a corner in terms of Charlie's eating - he's still very slow, but hopefully his speed might pick up once he's had his Fontan and has got a bit more oxygen whizzing round his body - but he has tried SO many new foods this past week and a half.
His weight is also on the increase, which is TERRIFIC! He's put on about a pound in the last week or so (due partly to school dinners, and also to a new-found liking for popcorn and cookies!) and is now weighing in at about 3stone 2.25lbs (about 20.1kg) which puts him over the 75th centile, which suits me fine! According to all the doctors, the bigger and heavier he can be, the better the outcome after his Fontan... so bring on that popcorn!
The party season is underway again, and Chas has three within the next couple of weeks, which he's looking forward to. He's also very excited because his best friend Sam is coming for tea next Friday... without his mum! It's the first time Charlie's had a friend to tea without their parents in tow (and it's the first time Sam's been out for tea on his own!) so it's quite a momentous event for both of them! Fingers crossed we can get through it without the house being trashed too much! I'll keep you posted!


Jennifer said...

We got snow in North Carolina! I have pictures on my blog if Charlie wants to see! :)

Jennifer said...

I thought Charlie might get a kick out of all the snow! :o)