Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009

Hi everybody!
Sorry for the brief hiatus in blogging - we've had a busy weekend! Charlie loved every minute of his stay at Nanny and Grandpa, and came home full of beans! (I must admit, I was having SERIOUS Charlie withdrawals by the time he got back on Friday afternoon - I don't know what I'll do when he leaves home!)
He really enjoyed himself at his friend David's party on Saturday - especially when David's Grandpa did some 'real' magic tricks! Pete and I quite enjoyed having a couple of hours to ourselves on a Saturday afternoon, so we went to the garden centre up the road for a cup of coffee. (We could have stayed home for a coffee, but the house was all echoey and empty again without Chas, and we'd had enough of that already for one week!)
Chas went back to school today, and I think he was glad to see his friends again. He did well with his lunch, and his teacher was saying how pleased they are with the way he's managing at lunchtime. It's such good news. The menu changes every term so he gets to keep trying lots of new things. He even ate about six or seven spoonfuls of strawberry and vanilla icecream today, which is a big step forward. (I know, I know - I've spawned the only child in the world who doesn't like chocolate or icecream!)
The postponed school trip to the wetlands is happening on Wednesday, which Charlie's looking forward to. I'm just hoping he doesn't get any adverse reactions from the other kids when they see him in his buggy. He's pretty cool about the whole thing - I asked him today what he'd say if the other children asked him why he still has a buggy, and he looked at me like I was stupid and said 'I'll just tell them that I've got a special heart because half of it was missing when I was born, which means I get puffed if I walk too far, so THAT'S why I have my buggy.'
I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine about it - but the protective mother lion in me wants to roar at any kid who might make him feel bad about going in his buggy. Grrrrrrr - watch out kids!
He's got another party to go to next weekend, and then all the St David's Day (patron saint of Wales) stuff is starting next week, so at some point he'll have to go into school wearing his Welsh rugby shirt (inherited from our next door neighbour!) and his daffodil badge. Pics to come, no doubt!
That's all for now - back soon!

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Abi said...

Hope you had a good trip Charlie! Well done for eating well at school.
Thought you might like to know that Corwin met the cast of Les Mis (the youth production in melton though!) as they are raising funds for Little Hearts Matter. He had his photo taken with them and it will be in the paper. I know you are a big Les Mis fan!
Hope to see you March 15th.
Abi and Corwin xxx