Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28, 2009

Hi everyone - just a quick post to let you know that we haven't forgotten you!
Things have been pretty busy of late - Nanny and Grandpa have sold their house (assuming everything goes through smoothly) so we've been house-hunting madly over the past few days.
Charlie's school trip to the wetlands went really well - we had a few questions from the kids at the start of the day as to why I was pushing a buggy, but once we'd explained about Charlie's heart, and how he gets puffed if he walks too far, nobody batted an eyelid. In fact, Chas did really well, and walked for most of the day - only hopping in his buggy to get up the hills, or if the wind took his breath away. As the day went on, most of the kids were tired of walking and were asking if they could take a turn in the buggy! I was really pleased when the kids started taking turns to push Chas in his buggy (or 'Charlie's Chariot' as we've decided it's called!) - it was so nice. All the children seemed to understand exactly what was going on, and it was just a case of his little friends helping him out to get around. I'm attaching a pic of Charlie and his 'harem' of buggy-pushers! (If you're wondering what he's showing the camera in his hand, it's a 'special, shiny stone' that he picked up on his way round! We've got another trip at the end of March to the museum of Welsh life, so I'll be taking his buggy along then, so it gives the kids another chance to get used to the idea. (Just as an aside, he also did brilliantly with his packed lunch on the day of the trip - tuna mayo sandwiches are definitely a success!)
He's been to another birthday party this afternoon (with another one coming next Wednesday!) and we're off to Nanny and Grandpa's tomorrow afternoon.
And sometime before Monday morning, I need to help Chas concoct a 'small cake decorated to look like an animal or insect' for school. Homework has changed a bit since I was a kid! It's all part of the St David's Day celebrations - Charlie's decided he wants to make a dragon cake. Hmmm. I was hoping for something a bit more cupcake-shaped like a ladybird or a spider! Will have to work on him, I think!
Not much more news for now - pictures to follow of the dragon cake - or whatever other animal it eventually turns into! - if we find the time to actually make it!

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