Sunday, March 01, 2009

March 1, 2009

Well, here we are into March! I can hardly believe we're into spring already.
This is just a really quick post to show you Charlie's Welsh Dragon cake for school tomorrow - he had loads of fun making the cakes this morning, and then we had quite a laugh trying to cut them up into 'dragon-shaped' pieces and cover them in ready-made red, gooey icing this evening!
Chas really enjoyed dolloping the icing all over the dragon, and I helped him to smooth it out with a knife. The dragon is VERY lucky to have any spikes down his back at all - Chas was supposed to be cutting the little jelly diamonds in half and sticking them on, but it was very much a case of 'one for the dragon, two for me...'
I have to admit, I bottled out of making the dragon's wings out of cake, so Charlie donated one of his favourite toffee waffle biscuits, which he cut into bits and stuck on! Much easier than messing around with crumbly sponge cake!
Anyway - I've rambled on for long enough - it's late and Pete's leaving for Halifax at 4.30am tomorrow, so I'd better get to bed.
So with no further ado... here's Charlie's Dragon cake!

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