Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ouch. (updated!)

I just walked, face first, into the edge of my kitchen door.
My teeth literally rattled (thought I might have knocked some out at first) and my nose crunched ominously, and then started bleeding like mad.
I'm sitting here, ten minutes later, with kitchen paper stuck up my nostrils, and with Charlie's refrigerated 'Bump Teddy' gel pack clamped to the bridge of my nose.
I don't know if I've broken it, but my poor nose is very sore, and pretty swollen already. (Like my nose needed to be any bigger or lumpier)
Fingers crossed I won't wake up with a pair of black eyes tomorrow morning.
So why am I posting this? I want some sympathy! Pete's away, Charlie's asleep and it's too late to ring my mum. So let's hear it for Ali and her sore nose... one, two, three: 'aah'.
I'm going to bed!
***UPDATE***: Just to add insult to injury - Charlie woke up in the night last night because he'd kicked his blankets off. I tucked him back in and bent to kiss his head... at which moment he chose to sit up and turn over - splitting my lip with his forehead! Doh. Not what I needed at 5am. Feel like I've been in a fight!


jayneH said...

I will say ouch with you, hope your nose isnt broken and soon mends,
hugs jayne

The Cryer Family said...

He he he...we want photos!!!
(oops - sorry you asked for sympathy... shall we do a sympathy exchange? - I got stung and bitten legs on a Guide walk the other night, then came in and promptly cut the back of my foot open. It's now stopped bleeding after 2 days and butterfly stitches :) Do you feel like you are getting clumsier with old age Ali? I definitely do.
Hope your Dad has an enjoyable birthday.
Lots of love and sympathy,
Helen xx