Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

We've had a lovely, busy day so far. We were up early to take Will's Christmas flowers to the churchyard, and then we took some to the cemetery for Dad too.
Charlie was very excited to go and collect Nanny, and then we all headed off for a festive ride on a steam train to see Father Christmas (yes, again!) We all enjoyed a mince pie before getting back in the car and heading off to Gloucester for the carol service in the cathedral.
The service was lovely - you can't beat bellowing along to the traditional carols accompanied by a booming pipe organ.
We're in the car on our way home now, so once we get in, we'll have a yummy Christmas Eve tea, then soon it'll be bath and bedtime for our
excited Charlie-Barley. I wonder what time he'll be up tomorrow morning...
Happy Christmas everyone - back soon.
I'm attaching a pic of Chas and Mum on the train today.

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