Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas, Everybody!

Hi everyone, and Happy Christmas! Hope you've all had a good day. We've had a nice, busy day.

Charlie got up just before 7am, which I thought was fairly civilised, and he really enjoyed opening his presents with Nanny there.

His stocking was full of Harry Potter and Dr Who things - he was amazed that Father Christmas had managed to avoid duplicating any of the things he's already got!

The pile of presents under the tree from all his friends was a little on the large side, and he's been thoroughly spoiled!

He's had lots of fun today with his punchbag and his Harry Potter costume, along with his electronic Harry Potter wand and his interactive 'Gupi' guinea pig! (Take a look at the photo of him with his punchbag, and think of Pete, Mum and I taking turns last night to blow the stupid thing up by mouth, because our stupid air pump wasn't working!)

We had a lovely lunch at my brother's house (ate FAR too much!) and spent a leisurely afternoon there too.

We're all going to Mum's tomorrow, for her usual Boxing Day bash. It'll be nice for Charlie to catch up with all his cousins.

I've missed Dad such a lot today. I've had flashes of memories of him on Christmas Days over the years, and tomorrow will be very strange without him.

Christmas hasn't been as bad as I was expecting, and there have been fun moments, but I wouldn't say it's really been particularly joyful.

But as Charlie said last night, before he went to sleep: 'I bet Grandpa will have his best Christmas ever - because he's up in Heaven with Jesus, and it's Jesus's birthday, so just imagine the big party they'll be having up there...'

Happy Christmas everyone.

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