Saturday, April 03, 2010

Charlie on TV!

Charlie got a mention on national kids' TV this morning! My friend
Kelly asked them to give him a special mention because he's been so
brave! It goes without saying that he was tickled pink (and I think
Nanny was quietly pleased to hear her name on the TV too!) I will try
to upload the video later, but so far I haven't been able to do it
from my phone.
Charlie had a scan and an x-ray this morning. He still has a moderate
pocket of fluid under his right lung, as we expected. The doctor
seemed to think that he's not actively draining - it's just a puddle
that the chest drain can't reach.
They have put suction back on the drain (pretty puny suction though -
I am tempted to rig something up with my Dyson and some duct tape...)
We're also getting him to move around as much as possible.
We're hoping and praying that we'll get the big gush of fluid that we
need, without having to subject Charlie to any more painful
I'll keep you posted.

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