Saturday, April 17, 2010

A good day!

Charlie's had a good first day back home - this morning he went to see
his friend Fiona, and had lots of fun running around her garden and
climbing carefully on her climbing frame.
Later on, he and Pete went up to his friend Sam's allotment, for some
more running around and to plant some carrot seeds!
He's done so well - he said his legs were tired when he got back,
because his muscles haven't had much use for three weeks - but he
wasn't puffed out and he was still lovely and pink!
He finally had a bath tonight - the first since the night before his
Fontan! - and I was SO glad to wash his hair! It felt like straw and
smelled of hospitals, so now it's soft and silky and smells of mango!
Much better!
He managed to peel the steri-strips off his old chest drain site,
which is looking great. All he has left now (apart from the stubborn
sticky marks from the ECG stickers!) are a few steri-strips over his
pacemaker scar, and a stitch and some steri-strips over his last chest
drain wound. Everything is healing beautifully and looking better by
the day.
Having said that, his torso looks a bit like a battle zone, but I know
it won't be long before everything starts fading, apart from the
I keep thinking about the friends we made in hospital - Charlie's pal
Becky, who is back home after her Fontan, and the other little ones we
grew close to who are still in hospital, fighting their own battles -
Zaynab, Ayesha, Subhaan, Laila... too many to name. Keep fighting
little ones - we won't ever forget you.


Greg and Heidi said...

So glad to hear you are home. . . and I can't believe how much running around he did his first day. Way to go Charlie!

The Cryer Family said...

Welcome home from us too!!! Wwell done Charlie in every way! We are SO happy for you! xxx