Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hospital appointment tomorrow

Hi folks.
We've had another lovely, normal day today. Charlie decided he'd like to have Chinese food for lunch, and to watch a film, so we headed back to the cinema complex with the Dr Who exhibition - the one we went to exactly four weeks ago - the weekend before we headed off to Birmingham for Charlie's Fontan.
It was quite a strange and liberating feeling to be walking around the complex today - remembering how scared and nervous we were last time we were there, and how great we are feeling now.
Charlie ate loads of lunch - I don't want to jinx things, but since his pacemaker was replaced and he started picking up, his appetite has been better than it's ever been. In the past three or four days, he has told me he is hungry more times than he has done in the whole rest of his life. I'm hoping this isn't a phase that will wear off as he recovers!
We saw the new Nanny McPhee film - we've never seen the first one, but I think we might have to invest in the DVD because Charlie really enjoyed it. (And I really enjoyed picking up the continuity mistakes - particularly with the youngest, blond boy's front teeth! If you see the film, watch his teeth as the movie progresses... he starts out with his baby teeth, then half way through, he's got half-grown adult teeth, then milk teeth again, and in the last couple of scenes, it looks as though his teeth have just fallen out so they've fitted him with false ones, which wiggle up and down as he speaks! I never normally notice things like that in films, so I was quite proud of myself!)
Anyway, as I said, we're off to the hospital here in Cardiff tomorrow. They want to get Charlie's up-to-date info in their files, so he'll be having the usual height, weight, sats and BP, plus an echo, an ecg and a chest x-ray. We'll also speak to the cardiac liaison nurse, to make sure we're all singing from the same hymn sheet with regard to his warfarin.
They'll be looking particularly on the echo to make sure there is no residual fluid left around his lungs. When we were discharged from Birmingham, there was a tiny, tiny bit left, which should have been reabsorbed by now, so we'd really appreciate your thoughts and prayers again that it has disappeared as it should have done. The doctors weren't concerned about it in the slightest, but I'll be glad when they tell me it's gone!
Charlie also has one stitch left in his armpit from his last chest drain. It's pretty lumpy because the purse-string suture didn't work properly, and I think they'll be taking it out tomorrow. He's not going to like that at all, because it's still pretty red and tender, so we hope it won't be too stressful an experience for him.
As far as his other war wounds are concerned, he's looking great. His sternotomy scar is healing beautifully, with only one tiny scab left at the very top. His pacing wire and central line scars are tiny little dots already. The three chest drain scars on his tummy are healing into 1cm horizontal lines, and will be pretty tidy too. The steri-strips are still there over his pacemaker scar, but that is also healing well, and they will probably come off the next time he has a bath.
The other big hurdle we have to cross tomorrow is Charlie's first INR test at home. He was talking about it positively before - saying that he is starting to get used to the finger-pricks now, so hopefully he will still feel the same way in the morning!
It's a good job I'm a strict, no-nonsense kind of mum - if I was one of the more touchy-feely types, I'd never be able to stick a pin into my yelling boy! (I still don't much like doing it, but needs must. I'm just hanging in for a new, better anti-coagulant that doesn't need monitoring so closely!)
I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow!

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