Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010

Hi folks. It's been a busy week - we're in that frantic run-down to
the end of term.
It was the school fête yesterday, and Nanny gave Charlie some money to
spend, so he had a riot of a time, wandering round the stalls,
spending his cash!
He won a coconut at the coconut shy, a prize on the hook-a-duck stall,
bought lots of sweets and even won himself a goldfish on another
stall, which pleased him no end.
We also found out yesterday whose class Charlie will be in next year.
It turns out two teachers will be sharing the job - one for three days
a week and the other for two.
I'm not sure if this is really ideal, but I guess we'll see how it goes.
We also had his school report - which was glowing! He is doing
brilliantly in every area of the curriculum, as well as socially,
physically and emotionally. And that was with an attendance record of
less than 75%! Heart surgery really messes up school attendance!
We're so very proud of him.
I can't believe he gets his cast taken off in eight days - he's been
so good about having it on though. It doesn't seem to have bothered
him at all, even though the weather has been so hot and sweaty. I
can't wait to give him a really good scrub in the bath - it's not easy
at the moment when he has to keep his arm dangling over the side of
the bath, wrapped in a plastic bag!
Not long until we go to EuroDisney now - Charlie can't wait! He's
counting the days! We're hoping the weather stays fine for us... last
time we went to EuroDisney we woke to four inches of snow on our first
I've attached a pic of Charlie having fun with the new Dr Who stickers
he received in the post from his Aunty Ruth this week. Ruth and I have
been friends since university, and she's coming to stay next weekend,
much to Charlie's delight. The last time she saw him, he was virtually
unconscious a few days post-op, so I think she'll see a big difference
in him now!!

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