Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

So here we are - Charlie is entering his final week in Year One. I
can't believe he'll soon be in Year Two - his last year of infant
It is amazing how time has flown since I sent my little four-year-old
off for his first day at school.
Now he's almost seven and so grown up.
Motherhood is so bittersweet - on one hand, we celebrate every
milestone, new ability and development, watching our little ones grow
in both wisdom and stature.
But on the other hand, we live in perpetual terror of that day when
grubby little hands will no longer make their way into ours, and a
tousled, skinny-legged, beautiful boy will no longer scramble onto our
knees for cuddles.
I can't wait for the summer hols to come, so I can spend some more
time with cheeky Charlie - I love hearing how I'm 'the best mum in the
whole wide world'.
I'm guessing he probably won't think that when he's fifteen, so I'm
making the most of it now!
Not much more news really - Pete's off to London tomorrow at the crack
of dawn and won't be back until very late. It's all go in this house!
Off to bed now, so goodnight all!

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The Cryer Family said...

Oh Ali - I feel like that so badly. I love them growing up - so proud of them, and also I'm ready to be on my own a bit too when Harry starts school, but the thought of no little bodies around any more... I suppose I will have to start looking forwards to Grandkids at that point!