Monday, April 04, 2011

...And relax!!

We just got back from the hospital, and I'm pleased to report that Charlie's doing brilliantly.
His sats were 91, and his heartrate was 94. (Hurrah - no panic about tachycardia this time round!!)
His pacemaker is working well and his echo was, according to the doctor, "looking perfect".
Heart function was great, fenestration was still patent and the consultants were very happy with him. I do like hearing that he's "clinically looking very well indeed!"
We also bumped into Dr Uzun - the consultant who looked after Charlie when I was pregnant, and who also booked me to give the antenatal diagnosis talk last November.
He was really pleased to see Charlie and just kept saying how fantastic he looks and how well he's doing. That's REALLY what we like to hear!!
Charlie's next appointment is in six months, so we're breathing a big sigh of relief now!
We dropped him off at school on our way home - only a couple of hours late!
I'm so pleased and relieved that all was well - in my heart of hearts, I knew he was doing brilliantly, but it's nice to have my instincts confirmed!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. So glad to read Charlie is doing so well. Well done Charlie. Take care and keep the photos coming-I love to see them!!
Love Lisa Morgan