Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick catch-up

Hi folks.
Well, we're three-quarters of the way through March and the weather is diabolical. We haven't had any snow, but it has been SO cold. Charlie is still in his full-on winter wardrobe with vest, long socks, shirt, jumper, fleece, coat, hat, scarf and gloves. And I even put Rosie's snowsuit on her the past couple of days - it really is bitter.
I'm glad we haven't got snow, but I'm really looking forward to some sunshine!
Charlie broke up for Easter on Friday, and Pete is off work too, until the day after Easter Monday, so we're all looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house and having some quality time together.
The kids are both on good form - we had parents' evening for Charlie last week and, as usual, his teachers were really pleased with him. He's doing brilliantly in maths and English and is still really enjoying history - they've been studying the Romans this term, and he's loved every bit of it. His teacher said his reading is excellent, particularly when he's reading out loud to the class, because he's very expressive and does funny voices for all the different characters! She said he's a pleasure to teach - kind, enthusiastic, caring, always happy to join in with class discussions and really sensible. He's a whizz at all the technology and keeps downloading all the Apps he uses at school onto Pete's iPad! He's loving his flute lessons, taiko drumming and school choir too.
We're so, so proud of him. Well done Chas - you're the best!
Rosie is still a wonderful little bundle of loveliness and mischief! I can't believe she's 18 months in a couple of weeks - I think we'll be due for another 'what Rosie's up to' post!
She and I go to a few toddler groups every week, which she really enjoys. It's lovely that she's already getting to know lots of the children who will be with her right the way through school.
Her talking is really coming on and she's saying loads more words with a lot more clarity. It makes me smile to hear her chattering all day. I'll have to start making a list of everything she says for her 18-month post.
She is still totally smitten with Charlie and loves coming to pick him up from school with me. (Although she also wants to see Mr Thomas, the school caretaker, who is one of her very favourite people!)
She loves pointing at photos and naming who she can see - Daddy, Mama, Charlie, Nanny, Rosie, Will and Grandpa. It pleases me no end that she already recognises my dad. Charlie has a wooden ride-on duck in his bedroom that Dad made for him, and Rosie likes to sit on it now. If we ask her who made it, she'll say 'Dandar!' which really makes me smile, because that's exactly what Charlie used to call his Grandpa when he was little. :-)
Not much other news really - so I'm attaching a few recent pics... one of Rosie, minus her trousers pre-bed, reading one of her favourite books, one of my two mad children at teatime, and one of the two men in my life, chilling out with a game of Lego Harry Potter!

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