Monday, April 01, 2013

Fun with the Bunny!

We've had such a lovely morning! We were up early and headed to the local garden centre for an Easter treat.
The kids had a lovely cooked breakfast, did some colouring, had a story from the Mad Hatter and Alice, went on a treasure hunt around the garden centre (which was still closed, so lovely and quiet!)
Then the Easter Bunny came for a visit. I wasn't sure how Rosie would be with him, because I remember taking Charlie to an event when he was about her age, with people dressed up as Noddy characters, and he wouldn't go near any of them.
But Rosie LOVED him! She climbed up on his knee and was stroking his face, and kept trying to get back to him to hug him again!
Both kids had a present too - Charlie had a big fossil excavation set (which he's currently working on in the kitchen - I'm braced for a LOT of dust...) And Rosie had a big set of PlayDoh. She's just getting into the whole PlayDoh thing, so it was a perfect present for her.
Now we're home, Charlie's excavating, Pete's watching TV, Rosie's sleeping, and I'm about to capitalise on the peace and quiet (apart from the hammering noises coming from the kitchen...) with a cup of coffee and a couple of chapters of my book!

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