Saturday, August 24, 2013


I just realised it's been ten days since I last updated the blog, so I thought I'd do a quick post so you know we haven't disappeared off the planet.
All is good here, and we're enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend so far.
Charlie had a brilliant time when he stayed at Nanny's and is already working out when he can go back!
Her house really is like a second home for him and Rosie. We went over to visit again last week and Rosie went marching in, straight to the cupboard with Nanny's Pick'n'Mix box, then headed off to the kids' bedroom to find 'her' toys.
I think I'm finally willing to say that Rosie is officially fully toilet trained, without worrying that I'll jinx everything!
I'm still staggered by how well she's done. I took her out of nappies on August 5, and she's had no accidents AT ALL (day or night) since August 8. I'm getting to the point where I'm not reminding her at all - unless we're off on a long journey - because she just tells me when she needs to go. She doesn't even need the incentive of the sweetie jar or stickers any more!
I know she's a bright little button, but even I was amazed how quickly she cracked it!
She looks so grown up now she's wearing panties all the time - her clothes are all hanging differently!
Charlie and I are planning a trip to the cinema this week - he wants to see Planes. I'm not too bothered about seeing the film, to be honest - I saw Cars 2 when I was hugely pregnant with Rosie, and slept through two-thirds of it - but it's a perfect excuse to eat nachos and have a freezy drink in the company of my handsome son!
I've just finished reading a book my sister lent me - it's called 'Wonder' by R J Palacio. It's a kids' book really, but it was brilliant. I think it's only the second book that has actually reduced me to tears. (The other one, if you're wondering, was 'These Is My Words' by Nancy Turner - also worth a read!!)
Wonder is the story of Auggie, a boy the same age as Charlie, who likes all the same things as Charlie - but unlike Chas, he was born with a terribly disfiguring craniofacial malformation.
The book follows his journey as he starts middle school, after years of being homeschooled. It's incredibly moving and well-written, while remaining simple and easy to read.
Charlie is reading it now - I think he'll really enjoy it.
We were talking about the book at bedtime tonight, and Chas said: 'Even though my heart isn't like Auggie's condition, because people can't really see it - I know what it's like to be different. Some kids at school used to be funny when I went purple and blue before my Fontan. And they used to get squeamish about my scars when we did PE. So I can sort of understand a bit of what things are like for him.'
He never ceases to amaze me, this boy. He certainly has wisdom beyond his years.
I think that's about it for now - the only other thing on the horizon is that in a couple of weeks, Pete and I are off to our first grown-up party in I don't know how long!
My friend Ann is having a big 40th party, and Mum is coming over to babysit so we can go.
I'm really looking forward to it - apart from the fact that it's a themed party, and we're supposed to go dressed as 'Great Britons'.
Eek. You all know my feelings on creating fancy dress costumes!! There's also the option to go in Union Jack colours, which feels like a bit of a cop-out, but I'm not altogether convinced that I'll be able to shoehorn Pete into a Henry VIII or Winston Churchill costume, so it might well end up as a red, white and blue night from the Turner contingent. (Any inspired ideas, feel free to let me know via the comments!!) ...I'm just hoping that the venue will be very dark! :-)
I really can't believe we're into the last ten days of the summer hols. They've flown by this year (I know - I always say that...)
Charlie's new school shirts and trousers arrived today - I don't know WHY I never ordered them online before - it was far less stressful than trudging round town trying to find everything we need!
So now, the plan is to enjoy the Bank Holiday, and then cram as much fun as we can into the last week of the hols.
I'll be back soon with a few pics...

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