Saturday, January 10, 2015

Big Girl Bed.

Well, we FINALLY got around to taking the sides off Rosie's cot this morning, and putting the shorter head and foot boards on. (We've been meaning to do it since October half term last year, but that's as far as we got.)
She is SO excited about her 'new' bed and has been saving her new pyjamas for this auspicious occasion!
I actually feel quite sad about it - another milestone and another little bit of babyhood gone forever. I know she's not a baby any more by any means really, but she's still MY baby (and I'm certainly not having any more!) so each new thing feels slightly bittersweet.
She's growing up so fast, and now she hops straight into bed for her story and songs, so I miss out on our lovely evening cuddles before putting her in her cot. I'm definitely going to have to rearrange the bedtime routine a bit so I can still get my snuggle time!
I've put her old cot quilt and her big Minnie Mouse pillow on the floor beside her bed, just in case she decides to fall out, but she had her nap there this afternoon with no trouble.
She knows she isn't allowed to get out of bed on her own, and she never needs the loo in the night, so hopefully she'll stay put when she wakes up in the morning and call us to fetch her like she always does.
I just need to get her another duvet cover now - she's only got one, and she's a bit prone to nosebleeds (hence the fetching green towel over her pillow in the pic!) so I know I'll need a spare one!
So I hope you sleep well, my precious big girl. I'm so proud of you. xxx

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